Sleep Disorders - Causes, Symptoms, and Failure Correction

sleep disturbance Many people at some point in their lives face a sleep disturbance. Rarely, who in such a situation appeals to doctors, but if such a problem grows and prevents a person from living and functioning normally, then it is worth looking for her solution, because it can be indicative of serious disorders.

Sleep disturbance has a bad effect on mood, energy, state of mind. What are the reasons that provoke such a problem? What to do in this situation?


  • The Importance of a Healthy Sleep
  • What are the failures in sleep mode?
  • What causes sleepy failure?
    • Why does the body break down in adults and strong people?
    • What are the causes of violations in the elderly and the elderly?
    • Children have their problems
    • What kind of diseases provoke "sleep problems"?
  • What are the associated symptoms?
  • Diagnosis and statement of the problem
  • Correct, dispose of, treat. ..
  • How to always sleep soundly?
  • Ideal conditions for sleep

The importance of a healt
hy sleep

Sleep affects the overall condition. If the health is in order, then the person normally sleeps. But any disturbances at night rest speak about problems with mentality, health. Ultimately, they can lead to serious consequences.

Good sleep plays an important role for the emotional and physical condition of a person. Even minor violations affect the mood, working capacity. If you want to be healthy, make the most of your strength, you need to fully rest at night.

It should be understood that if during the day a person feels sleepy, falls asleep badly, and in the morning there is a depressed state, then there are some or other violations of the sleep regime. In this case, it is necessary to understand the causes of such a disorder in order to get rid of the problem and establish a regime.

consequences of sleep disturbance

What are the failures in sleep mode?

Problems with sleeping is not just insomnia. All types of sleep disorders are divided into several categories. The first of them is called insomnia. It is here that insomnia is referred to when a person has problems with falling asleep and sleeping quality.

This category of disorders, in turn, is divided into several disorders, depending on the cause that caused sleep disturbance:

  • psychosomatic is interrelated with the human psyche, is temporary or permanent;
  • sleep disorder, which caused frequent use of alcoholic beverages or certain medications;
  • sleep problems, which are associated with a breathing disorder during a night rest or restless leg syndrome.

Types of failure in sleep

The second category of disorders is called hypersomnia. It is an excessive sleepiness. There are such subgroups of causes: Drowsiness

  • psychophysiological , sleep disturbance is due to problems with the psyche. It can be temporary or permanent;
  • drowsiness due to alcohol abuse ;
  • sleep problems due to a breathing disorder during the night rest period ;
  • narcolepsy and other diseases .

There is another category of sleep disorders called parasomnia. It represents a malfunctioning of systems and organs associated with sleep and awakening:

  • somnambulism;
  • urinary incontinence at night;
  • fears and nightmares at night;
  • other violations.

What causes sleepy failure?

Sleep disorders can occur in adults, the elderly or children, there are a variety of reasons that cause malfunctions.

Often this is affected by frequent excitement, stress, depression, a sense of anxiety, constant fatigue, abuse of alcoholic beverages.

Why does the body break down in adults and strong people?

Aggravation of sleep disorder in adulthood can be caused by:

  1. Too emotional life of , frequent irritable or exciting situations, keeping emotions in oneself. This is negative insomnia under stress affects the nervous system, gradually depleting it.
  2. Stress because of situations that hurt the psyche. This may be dismissal from work, care of a loved one, a disease, the death of a loved one.
  3. Mental disorders .This includes depressive condition, hysteria and neuroses. Uncontrolled consumption of alcoholic beverages, caffeine, hormonal drugs, smoking.
  4. Not adhering to the regime of the day, night shifts .Brain Injury .

What are the causes of violations in the elderly and the elderly?

Sleep disorder in the elderly often appears for the following reasons:

  • the nervous system wears out;
  • as a consequence of the use of some medications;
  • constant anxiety;
  • stress and depression, when relatives and close people die;
  • excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, coffee;
  • when a person is late eating;
  • apnea syndrome at night, when breathing stops for a short time.

Children have their own problems

There are such reasons for the occurrence of sleep disorders in children:

  • there is no day regimen;
  • excessive activity;
  • attention deficit disorder;
  • if children do not have time in the afternoon to communicate with their parents, at night they may be worried because of the absence of a mom or dad;
  • is a habit that has developed in the child, so he does not fall asleep until he does all the work, or the parents will not sleep.

Insomnia in the child In newborns, sleep disorders are divided into congenital and acquired. In the first case, this is the problem of the nervous system. If such disorders were noticed, then it is worth immediately going to the neurologist.

But the parents are often the culprits of the acquired violations. If you do not interfere with sleeping the baby, then he will not have any problems with sleep. Doctors advise to adhere to the regime of the day, a certain temperature regime, then the baby will sleep peacefully.

What diseases cause "sleep problems"?

Sleep can be disturbed by the appearance of such diseases:

  • depression;
  • stress;
  • of arthritis;
  • asthma;
  • cardiac and renal insufficiency;
  • fatigue syndrome;
  • Parkinson's disease.

What are the associated symptoms?

When sleep disorders occur, during a night's rest a person can tremble, feel fears, snore.

Often the patient moves excessively, breathes unevenly. These are all the attendant symptoms. To get rid of them, it is necessary to establish a dream.

Diagnosis and statement of the problem

If a person begins to sleep badly, feels drowsy or other similar disorders, he should go to a neurologist for an examination. polysomnography

The specialist will listen to all complaints of the patient. After that, he can identify possible causes that affect a person's condition, and will appoint additional studies.

To study in detail how the patient behaves during sleep, polysomnography is done.

During this procedure, the doctor will be able to look at the phases of sleep, the work of the heart, how a person breathes and other important factors.

Correct, dispose of, treat. ..

If you have a sleep disorder, you should adhere to such recommendations to get rid of the problem:

  • to begin with, it is necessary to eliminate the factors that disturbed the night rest;
  • is better to wake up at the same time every day;
  • is worth shortening the day's rest in bed;
  • better to abandon the substances that have a negative effect on the brain, it's nicotine, caffeine and alcohol;
  • it is recommended not to drink alcohol after 5 pm;
  • is worth forgetting about daytime rest;
  • to improve the health of the sutra, it is worth doing exercises;
  • it's better not to watch exciting television at night, doctors advise to change the TV for reading;
  • before a night rest is worth taking a hot bath;
  • before breakfast is not allowed to eat;
  • food intake should be every day the same time, it will positively affect not only the dream, but the general condition of the person;
  • in the evening is worth doing exercises that help to relax;The
  • person should sleep in comfortable conditions;
  • great benefit brings psychotherapy.

If a person adheres to these rules, but there is no special result, then it is worth using medication. Namely:

  1. If pain prevents sleep, then it is necessary to take painkillers, for example, Diclofenac .Nitrazepam
  2. If a person is suffering from insomnia, which is due to emotional distress, the state of health worsens, then doctors prescribe Nitrazepam, Triazolam and other means.
  3. If the dream is broken due to moving, when the time zone has changed, then it can be used in small dosages of Flurazepam, Temazepam .These drugs are prescribed and when a person started working on night shifts, while he does not sleep well. For the elderly, doctors prescribe nonbenzodiazepine agents. It can be Zolpidem .
  4. If a person does not sleep well because of the depression experienced, then he is prescribed Amitriptyline .The analogue of this drug is Chloral hydrate .
Do not prescribe yourself a medicine and dosage, because you can only hurt. It is better to go to a doctor who will tell you how to take a particular drug.

If you properly treat, eliminate the symptoms of the underlying illness, you can get rid of sleep problems.

How to always sleep soundly?

In order not to interfere with sleep disorders, it is recommended to adhere to such prevention rules:

  • observe the regime of the day;
  • does not eat up before a night's rest;
  • on waking at night should not be nervous, it's better to try to relax;
  • before a night rest is recommended to lie in a warm bath, in which grasses are added;
  • before going to bed you can eat a spoonful of honey;
  • is not worth telling terrible stories to children for the night.

Ideal conditions for sleep

To easily fall asleep, it is necessary to create special conditions for this: good dream

  • lying in bed should not be nervous;
  • in the bedroom should be dark, not stuffy;
  • is worth keeping silence;
  • an hour before the planned sleep is recommended not to sit at the computer and do not watch TV;
  • before going to bed is worth reading literature;
  • lying on the bed, a person should feel comfortable.

To improve sleep, it is recommended to use a special pillow with herbs, which was used in ancient times. You can do it yourself. Inside is put in equal amounts of lemon balm, valerian root, St. John's wort and lavender inflorescences. Some people connect lavender and hop cones with each other.

A healthy sleep plays an important role for a person. If it is broken, it is worth looking for the cause that provoked the problem. If you find the right solution, you can adjust the regime, restore strength, strengthen your health and return to your old life.

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