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Than cervical erosion is dangerous

This pathological defect usually does not carry anything serious with itself, as it is a benign process and rarely leads to oncology.

Causes of erosion

The occurrence( inflammation) of cervical erosion is possible for a variety of reasons:

  • chlamydia;
  • human papillomavirus( HPV);
  • herpes;
  • trichomoniasis;
  • trauma resulting from childbirth or abortion.

In addition, erosion can be caused:

  • by early sexual activity;
  • weakening of the immune system;
  • hormonal disorders.

Congenital erosion of the cervix is ​​a natural process that occurs in the body of a young woman or girl.

The whole point is that as the girl grows older, the outer layer of the uterus gradually moves inward, and over time, the woman acquires her normal, natural state of the body.

Just about this process physicians and speak, as about congenital erosion of the uterus.

There is no need to treat it, because it passes by itself, without outside interfer

ence, as a result of hormonal shake( adjustment).

Symptoms of cervical erosion

Most often, the erosion clinic is invisible and only detected with gynecological examination, however, there are cases when patients themselves complain about gynecology for bloody discharge not associated with the menstrual cycle, especially after sexual intercourse.

Symptoms include purulent, mucous discharge and pain during sexual intercourse.

Similar signs of erosion are often mistaken for:

  • threat of miscarriage;
  • menstrual flow;
  • thrush.

How does cervical erosion look

Erosion diagnosis is performed depending on its appearance: 672й

  • congenital erosion looks like a large red swelling on the surface of the cervix( it usually disappears on its own as it grows up or after childbirth);
  • true erosion is characterized by lesions on the surface of the mucous membrane of the cervix. They look like a large bright red spot( up to 1 cm in diameter) around the uterine throat. A distinctive sign of true erosion is the occurrence of bleeding even in the case of a slight touch;
  • pseudo-erosion or ectopia of the uterine neck most often arises from true erosion. It looks like a spot of dull red color, located near the uterus's pharynx.

If there is erosion of the cervix, women are often lost and do not know what to do in this situation.

Priorities in this case are a visit to a doctor-gynecologist, determining the type of disease and its subsequent treatment.

Treatment of cervical erosion

Before starting treatment, a physician should determine what kind of disease he is dealing with.

For this, the following tests should be performed:

  • biopsy;
  • colposcopy;
  • smears on the flora;
  • blood for HIV and syphilis;
  • ultrasound( if necessary).

The list of all the tests you need is determined by your doctor.

Methods for the treatment of cervical erosion


Diathermocoagulation( cauterization of cervical erosion by an electric current) is a very unpleasant procedure and does not guarantee a 100% erosion loss from the first time.

Its subspecies is diathermoconation, during which the tissue is cauterized and removed.

After the moxibustion procedure, complete healing of erosion occurs in seven weeks.

The use of this procedure is forbidden to nulliparous women.

The average cost of diathermocoagulation is about 500 rubles.

Cryotherapy 673y

The essence of the method lies in the destruction of the erosion-affected area of ​​tissues with liquid nitrogen, located in a special cryoprobe.

The whole procedure of nitrogen treatment( freezing) lasts no more than 10 minutes and is absolutely painless.

During the procedure include, at the request of the patient, soothing music.

After the procedure the tissues are not damaged, the scar does not remain.

Complete healing occurs in six( about) weeks.

It is possible to use this procedure in nulliparous women.

The average cost of the procedure is about 1500 rubles.

Laser Therapy

A modern and perfect method, the least dangerous and most effective.

However, laser cauterization is not yet everywhere and not universally available, since a surgical laser is quite an expensive tool.

The doctor controls the depth of destruction of the laser beam.

After the application of this procedure, scarring does not remain, but some physicians believe that laser therapy is not suitable for nulliparous women.

Complete healing takes about one month.

The average cost of this operation is about 2000 rubles .

Radio wave method

The procedure takes place in a non-contact form.

Treatment is performed by a radio wave that stimulates intracellular energy, which destructs and destroys the cell.

This method of treatment is painless and fast, without the appearance of scar tissue.

Occasionally, the appearance of suppositories may occur.

For the treatment with the radio wave method, a special radio trigger "Surgitron" is used.

Burning with "Surgutron" is expensive, but especially effective procedure.

Complete healing usually occurs in one month.

Recommended for use to nulliparous women.

The average cost of the procedure is 3500 rubles.

Chemical coagulation


The erosion removal by this method should be used with its small size.

This method allows the use of various special preparations( for example, solkagin), which have a harmful effect on the cylindrical epithelium.

To get a positive result, several procedures are required( up to five).

Complete healing is not guaranteed( individually for each organism).

It is recommended to use nulliparous women.

The average cost of the procedure is 900 rubles.

Pregnancy with erosion of the cervix is ​​possible, according to most medical specialists.

However, during pregnancy, the general condition of erosion may well deteriorate and initiate infection of the child.

Consequences of cervical erosion

Erosion is a remarkable breeding ground for various microorganisms and pathogens.

Uterus and ovaries of a woman attack various microbes:

  • Trichomonases;
  • chlamydia;
  • candida and others.

They are able to cause a woman to develop infertility.

In addition, erosion can degenerate into a malignant process leading to cervical cancer and subsequent amputation.

It is very difficult to write about all kinds of home and folk methods of treatment, because, for example, sea buckthorn oil, lotions or syringings can only worsen the situation( possibly the development of erosion into the tissues).

Therefore, allow me to give you one piece of advice: put experiments on yourself and do not self-medicate.

All presented methods of treatment should be performed only at the beginning of menstruation.

Until the full healing of the wound, it is forbidden:

  • to have sex;
  • overheat your body;
  • take a bath.

And if you want negative consequences and complications to get by yourself, strictly follow all the recommendations of your doctor.

Take care of yourself.

Stay healthy!

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Cervical erosion Cervical erosion is a peptic inflammatory process in the vaginal mucosa of the cervix.

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