What is reflexology and what methods are used in neurology?

microcurrent reflexotherapy Reflexotherapy, as a way of treating neurological diseases, has been used for a long time. China, Mongolia, India and Japan since ancient times are engaged in a pinpoint impact on the body in order to normalize its function.

The search for methods of restoring health without the use of medications in recent decades has led to the spread of methodology from the East to European countries. After all, reflexotherapy, for the most part, gives good results and has positive reviews among patients and doctors.

Contents of the

  • Contents of the
  • history
  • treatment method features Indications: neurology and not only
  • There are also contraindications, although there are at least
  • Recommended techniques
  • Local reflexotherapy
  • Microcurrent reflexotherapy
  • How the procedures are carried out in practice
  • Expected result
  • Expected result

History of becoming

The first mention of the method dates from China, dating back to the 5th century BC.Since the 17th cent

ury of our era, European physicians are beginning to work on reflexology. As a result, a modern system emerged that includes knowledge of the energy structure of the body.

Reflexotherapy involves exposure to biologically active points located on the surface( skin).An impulse appears that is transmitted to the nerve centers, signaling to the sick body about the need for activation. The system for restoring affected areas is being launched. Reflexes are controlled by the central nervous system. The areas to which the primary effect is exposed are called acupuncture points.

A doctor who has previously studied the impact zones and the laws of interaction of energies chooses points that irritate, for example, with special needles.

The angle of impact, duration and strength are important. Acupuncture points usually show increased circulation of blood and lymph, metabolic processes are particularly active. In the body, there are 10 zones that run vertically. If a place in one of the areas has changed, it affects the entire longitudinal energy area.

biologically active points

Biologically active points

Features of the

therapy method Reflexotherapy treatment is successfully used in a number of medical areas. Sometimes the technique is used by itself, having a healing effect, and sometimes prescribed in addition to the main treatment. Reflexotherapy is also used for prevention and is considered safe.

An organism is a complex system with numerous energy connections and self-regulation of functions. Individual organs can be activated or blocked. When carrying out reflexotherapy, 12 longitudinal channels are separated, dividing the zones on which more than 800 points are located.

By acting( mainly pointwise) on a channel associated with a diseased organ, the physician reduces or increases the amount of energy, changes the intensity of its movement. With an excess of energy, inflammation accompanied by pain is observed. Withering function indicates a lack of energy in the body. Normalization of the work of parts of the body is the goal of reflexotherapy.

The main way that is used everywhere is by applying needles that are injected through the skin at a certain depth at specific points. The following rules are observed:

  • the needle is guided along the channel or against the energy flow, depending on the nature of the disease;
  • the number of needles is increased in each session;
  • it is important to choose the time of day and the duration of needle installation;
  • role plays a complex of points, their combination;
  • the needle is sometimes twisted or heated;
  • the depth of administration depends on the required effect;
  • The sharpness of the needle setting also depends on the diagnosis, the age of the patient, the condition.

Indications: Neurology and not only

stammering Reflexotherapy is often used to treat vegetative-vascular disorders of the nervous system. Successfully normalizes the patient's condition with neurosis, mental sexual disorders. It is treated with enuresis and stammering, there is help with neuralgia, disturbed cerebral circulation.

  1. Acupuncture .Other names are acupuncture, acupuncture. It is used for treatment and for preventive purposes. A physician practicing acupuncture must learn the knowledge from the ancient theory of acupuncture, study the mechanisms of energy interaction, their connection with the physical body. The effect is directed to certain areas by means of needle point insertion. The needle passes through the skin, is set in a certain way, depending on the desired effect: calming, stimulating the zone or creating a balance. In China, this therapy is called zhen-ju. Materials from which special needles are made - steel, silver or gold. A distinction is made between micro-agglutination, using small-sized instruments - "buttons", left at the point of exposure for up to several days. Micropharmacopuncture
  2. Micropharmacopuncture .The method involves exposing the points to a needle or syringe with the administration of the drug. This treatment combines homeopathy, acupuncture and the way of injections. The depth of administration of the drug, the dose, the composition of the drug are important. The doctor selects the remedy, prescribes the procedure time and other parameters depending on the diagnosis and condition of the patient.
  3. Acupressure .This method is based on the use of massage of biologically active points. The impact is carried out by fingers or tools. Skin is not broken. Pressing on points, the doctor or the patient himself is guided by sensations of aches, numbness, raspiraniya. In this way, influence is made on specific areas related to organs, body systems and their functions. The metabolic processes are regulated, tissue repair is activated, vegetative activity is normalized. Within the limits of the method, the following are distinguished: application pressures - impact by balls, plates, their application;vacuum pressing;Manopressopuncture - acupressure, for example, shiatsu.
  4. Thermocouple .The method is associated with the use of heat when exposed. This is point heating or moxibustion. Apply cigars Thermopuncture from wormwood or instantly heat the inserted needle. The temperature at the cauterization point is quite large - up to 2 000 degrees C.
  5. Electropuncture .When using the method, the points are treated with electric current. Admission is effective for analgesia and as having therapeutic effect. The polarity of the current is selected depending on the amount of energy: excess or deficiency.
  6. Magnetopuncture. To achieve a therapeutic effect, the points are affected by a magnetic field: constant or variable. A certain frequency of vibration and polarity is assigned: the southern one for anesthesia, and the northern one for activating the functions and circulation.
  7. Vacuum pressopuncture .Separately, we should mention the use of cans and vacuum therapy. A region with negative pressure is created around the point. More precisely, the effect is made on the zone, which is massaged under the conditions of rarefied air. The canal therapy is carried out with the help of medical containers, the inside of which is heated by a flame. The skin should be clean, it is treated with petroleum jelly. When the pot is put, the skin is drawn into it. When sucked up to 1.5 cm of the surface, the vessel is moved, forced to slide, maintaining tightness. The procedure is carried out for 5 to 20 minutes, achieving a relaxing effect. The direction of movement is more intense along the course of venous outflow, providing an arterial influx and active movement of lymph. In addition to achieving relaxation, a soothing effect, the method is used for bronchitis and radiculitis. It is known that banks can be put at home, and not just in a medical institution.
  8. Laser puncture .This is a high-tech method that has spread in medical practice lately. The Laser puncture points are exposed to light through a quantum generator. The light beam anesthetizes, heals trauma and inflammation. Therapy is applicable in degenerative dystrophic states, neuritis, neuralgia, arthritis and the treatment of the peripheral nervous system.
  9. Reflexotherapy CMV .The points are affected by waves in the centimeter range, which warms up, activates, changes the microstructures in which the active substances that cause the reflex appear. This method of treatment anesthetizes, relieves inflammation. It is indicated for spasms, pain syndromes of neurological nature.
  10. Ultrasound reflexotherapy .Another name for the method is phonopuncture. Ultrasonic treatment massages tissues at the cellular level. The heat, changes in structures and circulation in the site of exposure are formed. Ultrasound has a directed action, resulting in a reflex. At the first sessions, one or two points located on the extremities are treated. Then increase the number of points to 5 and increase power, exposure time. The procedure should not last more than 12 minutes. A course of 12 procedures is administered, administered daily or one day later.
  11. Cryopuncture .In this method, the points are treated with low temperatures, for example, using liquid nitrogen.
  12. Apireflexotherapy .The principle of influence is the use of point stings of bees.

Alcoholism, smoking and excess weight are also treated with antiquity methods of influencing certain points.

Other indications at which reflexotherapy is applied:

  • pains in the spine, sciatica, osteochondrosis;
  • removal of pain syndromes of different nature;
  • convulsions;
  • effects of injuries;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • gastritis, stomach and bowel diseases;
  • gynecology;
  • ear, throat, nose;
  • eye diseases;
  • skin ailments( eg, eczema).

There are also contraindications, although their minimum

should not be used for reflexology in the presence of tumors of any nature. Also, the method is contraindicated in fevers, severe exhaustion, circulatory insufficiency, active tuberculosis, intoxication, mental agitation.

Infants and pregnant reflexology is not performed. It is not recommended to take treatment on the day of X-ray, UFO, ultrasound, in the period of 3 months after radiation therapy.

Recommended methods

Reflexotherapy includes a number of methods, the choice of which is carried out depending on the diagnosis, we have chosen the TOP-12 methods that are used in neurology and not only:

Local reflexotherapy

Some types of reflexotherapy have their name based on the area or parta body that undergoes therapeutic action. It can be a nose, ear, brush, stop or other application area, its points.

Auriculotherapy Auriculotherapy - the effect of small needles on the points of the auricle. Also it can be a massage. In this area, there are more than 100 biologically active points, which do not manifest themselves in a healthy state.

But in the presence of the disease, painful sensations appear in them, as well as a change in the appearance: peeling, blanching, tubercles. For massage use two fingers, making pads circular motions, pressing and rubbing.

Begin with the lobule, moving to the top of the ear. Carrying out a massage 3 times, do as many strokes from the top down and give the patient a break for 15 minutes. Effects are effective for calf convulsions, restoration of limb functions and performance.

Also stands out:

  • corporeal reflexology - body surface;
  • scalp therapy - impact on the surface of the head;
  • nasotherapy - points of the nose region;
  • pedotherapy - reflexology of feet;
  • therapy Su-Jok - impact on the limbs: feet and brushes, especially - fingers, these are balls, needles, massage, magnets, grains.

There are other methods defined by the area of ​​influence.

Microcurrent reflexotherapy

The method of microcurrent reflexotherapy is used in the rehabilitation of children with developmental delay, mental illness. The technology uses small electrical impulses that affect the points of the body, the scalp, the zones with nervous reflexes.

The developmental disorders of the CNS( central nervous system) are corrected, and the effect does not cause pain.

Children aged 6 months or more are eligible for health improvement. Normalization and control of convulsions, for example, is carried out together with Microcurrent reflexotherapy by prescribing appropriate medications. Preliminary electroencephalography is done, an individual treatment plan is drawn up.

The combination with coniferous baths, massage procedures is favorable. After 15 sessions, the course is sometimes repeated after a period of time.

The technique allows to effectively combat the deafness, increased excitability, memory impairment, cerebral palsy. It is also used to treat adults, adjusting the body's functions, relieving tension, improving metabolism, restoring strength.

The number of points for impact is not limited. Microcurrent reflexotherapy is used in cosmetology. Diagnosis and treatment is realized with the use of devices, for example "MEKS".

How procedures are carried out in practice

In addition to the previously described procedure for inserting needles at certain points through the skin, as well as massage and various effects,



is equipped with special devices. For example, the bioelectric Shuboshi, which implements several methods: massage, reflexes and physiotherapy.

High-frequency pulses are favorable for cells and are close to useful natural effects. The balance of the channels is restored, as are the functions of the diseased organs. There are 4 modes acting through the electrodes.

Multi-needle effect is realized through Kuznetsov's applicator, which is a plate with needles. The pressure is regulated by the clutch. Reflexotherapy can be carried out at home, with self-use of the device.

At the session conducted by a doctor - acupuncturist, the patient should calmly settle down, most often - lying down. When in contact with the patient, there is no contraindication.

Choosing a point, takes into account age, cycles of physiology. The pulse is checked. With the correct evaluation of the state, not one method is sometimes used, but the whole complex, their combination. For example, it is massage and acupuncture.

The most commonly used stainless steel needles, installed according to the rules, are approximately 10 minutes. The doctor asks the patient about the sensations, the nature of the irritation, for example, whether there is an ache. Based on this, subsequent health effects of reflexotherapy are formed: the choice of methods and points.

Is the opinion of

Reviews of people we interviewed, who had reflexotherapy sessions for various purposes.

I use acupuncture for diseases of the back. Cervical or lumbar osteochondrosis, pinching of nerves in a polyclinic is not cured.

Ointments, antibiotics and painkillers do not work. During acupuncture sessions, painful sensations pass even before the end of the course. Of course, procedures are done on a fee basis. But this is the way that really helps.


In training I stretched the muscle, which made it very painful to walk. I was prescribed pills and ointments, but the effect of recovery did not come.

Therefore, I signed up to a Vietnamese specialist who is treating reflexology. The sessions used acupuncture, massage and cans.

At first I was somewhat hurt by needles and massage, but after the session I noticed a strong relaxation, and on the second day the pain began to subside. So I liked the method. In an emergency, I will address him again.


Expected result

As mentioned above, the effect of applying this methodology is fast and significant. This kind of recovery is easy for effect on the nervous system, without unpleasant sensations.

Console calms, and correct calculation of complex impact on points is not harmful. There are no complications.

But it is necessary to bear in mind the individual intolerance of one or any of the methods by some patients. This is the reaction of blood vessels, up to a shock, an allergy, a rash, dermatitis.

In weakened and elderly patients, with alcoholism, energy insufficiency, resistance to reflexotherapy can be observed.

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