Tumors And Cysts

A disappointing diagnosis of the cyst of the brain in a newborn - how to help an infant?

baby surgery The cyst of the brain in newborns is quite common, many parents may not even know about the presence of this disease in their child.

According to statistics, about 40% of children born are born with this disease, but do not panic early, because many cysts will eventually dissolve and require no special treatment.

The cyst itself is a certain formation that is filled with fluid. It can appear not only after the birth of the child, but still in the womb.

In the latter case, there is no cause for concern, because this kind of education itself will disappear with time.


  • Causes of

    • formation

      • Causes of formation
      • Classification by type of cyst in newborns
      • Symptoms and signs
      • Diagnostic methods
      • Treatment of disease
      • Prognosis and lethality
      • Prevention

Reasons for the formation of

The causes of the appearance of the brain cyst in a newborn can be very diverse, let's try with them now :

  1. As mentioned above, the cyst may appea
    r in the child in the womb of the mother. This is considered normal, as in some periods of pregnancy these formations can, as quickly appear, disappear so quickly, so do not worry about it.
  2. The child may have a cyst and infection. This can be observed with a difficult pregnancy or with difficult births. Often the appearance of a cyst can provoke the presence of the herpes virus in the mother's body.
  3. Another cause of the onset of this disease is the poor blood supply to the brain of the newborn, which can lead to the death of tissues and, as a result, the formation of a cavity filled with liquid.
  4. The cyst can also appear after a number of other diseases, such as meningitis, encephalitis.
  5. Any trauma can also cause a brain cyst in a newborn.
trembling of a baby What can cause a tremor in a newborn and whether it is worth to be afraid of a peculiar trembling of the limbs and baby's head. A diagnosis of glioblastoma of the brain has been made-one can lie down and die or there is still a chance and it needs to be used for 100 percent.

Classification by type of cyst in newborns

Classification of the cyst of the brain is made based on its location or on the period of life in which it was formed. There are such basic types of brain cyst in the of a baby:

  1. One of the most serious forms of this disease is the subendemal cyst .May appear due to cerebral hemorrhage or due to oxygen starvation. Often, the cyst can disappear by itself, so in the future does not require serious treatment. But otherwise, urgent operation is necessary. Of course, with due supervision of the child and the implementation of preventive measures, such measures will not be required.
  2. The arachnoid cyst is a formation that can be found in the arachnoid of the brain, mainly filled with cerebrospinal fluid. There are two main types of cysts: primary and secondary. Most often, such cysts occur in boys. The cause of the formation may be a transferred inflammatory disease, head trauma or a brain hemorrhage. A distinctive feature of this type of cyst is its rapid growth, which can lead to some complications. But with timely treatment, this does not affect the child's further development.
  3. Retrocerebral cyst is one of the most common types of education. May lead to necrosis of brain cells or to a complete disruption of its functions. May occur because of surgical intervention in the area of ​​the skull, insufficient blood circulation in the brain, injuries or a stroke.

where a cyst is formed

Symptoms and signs

Symptoms of the cyst of the brain in newborns can be quite diverse, this primarily depends on the location of the cyst, so first we need to understand the location of this pathology.

If in the diagnosis it was found that the cyst is in the nape of the neck, then the optic nerve is most often disturbed, which leads to such symptoms:

  • bifurcation in the eyes;
  • shroud before the eyes;
  • motion blur;
  • spots before the eyes.

If it was found that the cyst is in the pituitary region, then this kind of symptoms are typical:

  • sexual development disorder;
  • poor coordination;
  • weak physical development.

But also the cysts are characterized by other symptoms that are manifested in all cases, is:

  • severe headache;
  • strong pulsation of the head or other parts of the body;
  • increased pressure;
  • loss of consciousness;
  • hearing disorders;
  • convulsions;
  • partial paralysis of the limbs;
  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • fatigue;
  • lethargy;
  • increased drowsiness.

Diagnostic methods

In the period of scientific and technological progress, medicine does not stand still, so even in such a sensitive issue as diagnosis of cysts in newborns, a large number of developments and discoveries were made that could detect this disease even in the first days of a child's life.

diagnostics In children up to a year, it is easy enough to find a cyst of the brain with the help of ultrasound, as this is facilitated not only by the overgrown fontanel of the child, but also by the fact that the bones of the skull are not yet strong and not closed.

It is also possible to carry out such studies as MRI and CT .But they are most often used to find out more precise information about the size, location of this cyst.

Do not forget about the ultrasound of the newborn's brain, if there is a suspicion that a cyst was formed, this examination is first of all prescribed for premature infants or for difficult births.

This is due to the fact that such children, in particular, need intensive treatment because their body is very weak and can not fight disease on their own.

Treatment of the disease

If a newborn has a cyst of the vascular plexus, then there is no reason for panic, because these formations will eventually disappear.

But this does not mean that you should not do anything. First of all, needs to determine the infection of , which caused this disease, do not forget to undergo ultrasound every 2 months.

As for the subendymal cyst , it also does not need any special treatment. After a certain period of time, this problem will disappear, but do not forget about the systematic visits to the doctor and the passage of MRT a couple of times a year.

The most dangerous is the arachnoid cyst , as it very quickly develops and progresses, and it also provokes the appearance of various disorders. Unfortunately, such cysts will not dissolve by themselves, so they need only be treated. There are two ways to get rid of such education: conservative or radical treatment.

Conservative treatment of includes the taking of drugs that are able to eliminate the cyst and remove the most severe symptoms. It can be antiviral drugs, antibacterial, as well as drugs that improve blood circulation and immune function of the body.

The most commonly used is radical therapy, which consists in surgical intervention by trepanation of the skull, endoscopy.

Parents should remember that the treatment of cysts in a newborn by folk remedies is strictly prohibited, because this can lead not only to complications, but even to death.

Prognosis and lethality

The child is sleeping If the disease was diagnosed and diagnosed correctly, there is no cause for concern.

But in advanced cases or rapid growth of the cyst can be quite serious consequences, so in such situations everything depends on the effectiveness of the treatment done.

If the doctor does not contact the doctor in time, such may occur:

  • inflammation of the brain;
  • disruption of normal functioning of the organs of the motor system;
  • hydrocephalus;
  • sudden death.


In the initial stages of prevention should be conducted with a future mother. That is, take the necessary genetic tests to determine whether there is a probability of cyst formation in a child.

Also during pregnancy and during the first months of life of , various traumatic situations of , inflammatory diseases should be avoided, if it did, you should immediately consult a doctor, and the sooner you do this, the better.

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