Condiloma - treatment of genital warts, causes, symptoms, prevention, photos

Condyloma is papillary growth but the skin and on the mucous membranes of an inflammatory person.

Condyloma( kondyloma) is translated as a tumor, an outgrowth, an overgrowth.

Condyloma usually occurs in places of constant irritation and friction of the skin.

It is customary to distinguish:

  • broad warts( flat condyloma) - growths that are mushroom-shaped and sitting on a fairly wide base;
  • genital warts - having lobate, threadlike structure and sitting on a thin stalk.

Causes of condyloma

As a rule, condyloma develops in an untidy person on moistened and irritated skin secretions in the following places:

  • in the inguinal folds;
  • on the external genitalia;
  • in the inter-salutary folds;
  • in the corners of the mouth;
  • in the armpits.

The main cause of warts is human papillomavirus( HPV).

The consequence of the activity of this virus are:

  • warts;
  • of the papilloma;
  • condyloma.

Surface irritation can be covered with ulcers.

Self condyloma never disappears.

As condylomata arise in unscrupulous people, one can draw a natural conclusion that the most effective prevention of condyloma is cleanliness, personal hygiene and neatness.

There are condylomata in women and condyloma in men. 670th

For women, education is typical:

  • condyloma on the labia;
  • in the vagina;
  • on the cervix and other intimate places.

In addition, the appearance of condyloma during pregnancy.

For men, the formation of condyloma is characteristic:

  • on the penis;
  • on the head of the penis.

Both sexes can develop:

  • genital( sexual) condylomas;
  • anal( perianal) condylomas;Condyloma
  • in the mouth and on the tongue.

The incubation period of the virus of the condyloma in children is about five years.

Treatment of pediatric condyloma is similar to the treatment of condyloma in an adult patient.

Condylomata in children are most often found in the genital area and anus.

Symptoms of condyloma

The disease is usually accompanied by:

  • pruritus;
  • burning;
  • with pain;
  • discomfort.

The main symptom is the appearance of the most condyloma.

All symptoms appear at the same time, at the same time.

Several neoplasms appear on the skin.

The small size of the condyloma is due to the lack of blood vessels in it.

The most terrible complication of condyloma:

  • in men - penis cancer;
  • in women - cancer of the uterus.

Treatment of condyloma

To many people condyloma delivers a lot of troubles and suffering.

For them the questions "how to remove condyloma?", "How can it be cured?", Are not at all idle.

Let's try to answer these questions.

Doctors have not yet created such a drug that can fight the pathogen of papillomovirus infection.

Therefore, all treatment consists of local removal of condyloma or a course of immunocorrective therapy.

There are various methods for the removal of genital warts:


  • cryotherapy( getting rid of genital warts with liquid nitrogen);
  • cauterization of condylomas with concentrated acids;
  • detemoregulation( radiowave removal of genital warts or Radiholife Surgitron);
  • laser therapy( removal of genital warts).

An experienced doctor can easily remove the condyloma, but to save the patient from the papillomavirus living in the patient's blood, medicine is still powerless.

After cauterization( removal) of condyloma with liquid nitrogen, scars on the skin are very rare.

Removal of condyloma by radio knife "Surgitron" is non-contact.

The resulting small incision is minimally traumatized, disinfected, and then the wound healing effect is on wound edges.

Restoration of the body occurs much faster than when machining the operation area.

Local effect is the spray from the condyloma "Epigen".

This spray has anti-inflammatory, immunostimulating and antiviral activity.

Also on condyloma is applied a special ointment, which has antiviral effect.

Home treatment of condyloma

Condylomatosis( HPV caused by disease) at home is treated:

  • with iodine;
  • with propolis;
  • celandine.

These tried and tested folk remedies have an action similar to chemical solutions, that is, they dry out the problematic sprouting that, after some time, disappears.

With small growths, the burning of condyloma is carried out with Solcoderma solution( acid solution).

Solkoderm conducts intravital fixation and subsequent mummification of pathological changes in tissues.

Where can I remove condyloma

The warts removal service can be provided to you at the Naomi Plastic Surgery Clinic located at: Moscow, 3rd Pavlovsky Lane 22.

Phone: 7( 495) 662 38 42.

Costprocedure for the removal of condyloma in the clinic is 600-5 000 rubles.

The total price of the procedure is calculated according to the method and complexity of the operation.

Take care of yourself.

Stay healthy!

Video: Removal of condylomas

Condyloma Many people do not even know what condyloma is, and how it looks, although they themselves are affected by this serious disease.

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